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Trespass List

Individuals who engage in certain prohibited activities will be banned from all properties owned and/or managed by Morristown Housing Authority (MHA) in accordance with T.C.A. § 39-14-405 and rules adopted by MHA.   The Trespass List will be posted at the MHA main office.

An individual who wishes to have his or her name removed from the Trespass List must make a written application for removal. All relevant circumstances will be considered and a written decision will be provided advising the applicant of MHA’s decision. No individual will be removed from the Trespass List without submitting a written application followed by a written decision from MHA.

Trespass List (Updated 10/31/2022)



An Inter-Local Agreement between the City of Morristown and the Morristown Housing Authority is intended to make the public housing area safer for residents.

Across the country, resident, local housing authorities, and law enforcement have made a priority of improving safety in public housing. One strategy is a “No Trespass Policy” which allows law enforcement to warn and ultimately charge non-residents who enter the public housing property. Research in other communities has shown that allowing housing authorities to lease property surrounding the developments assists in ensuring the safety of public housing residents.

The local agreement allows Morristown Housing Authority to lease the streets which service the public housing area. Under this agreement, Morristown Housing Authority will gain control of the public areas, streets, and sidewalks within the perimeter boundary of the housing authority. This move will allow the streets to be utilized for the benefit of the residents of Morristown Housing Authority thus providing local police an additional tool to remove and prosecute individuals who trespass on the property.

The Agreement does not restrict travel on “thruway” streets with the Morristown Housing Authority system.

-Reprinted Press Release